TRE® Scotland Team

TRE® Scotland™ is here to support the spread of the revolutionary new  self-healing practice – Trauma and Tension Release Exercises -TRE®- throughout Scotland.

TRE® is a physical self-help practice that will support anybody who is stressed, has physical tension and help those with symptoms resulting from trauma feel better. TRE® helps people deal with the overwhelm of trauma or stress naturally.

Anyone can benefit from learning TRE™. Whether you have suffered from hard trauma, like a car accident, from years of soft trauma like emotional or mental abuse, or are simply looking for a way to rebalance from the normal stresses of everyday life – you can learn TRE®  to enable release from stress and tension held in the body and mind.

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Vicki Cook

TRE® Scotland

Mandy Gaze

TRE® Scotland