Jeni-Lin Knott, Findhorn, Scotland

Hello! I started my personal journey in TRE in 2017 when a friend suggested releasing Trauma from starting with the body. With an interest and curiosity in the body, the TRE idea made a lot of sense. I discovered that I was holding onto a lot of tension that I didn’t realise was there. When I started to explore releasing through TRE, a whole journey unfolded.

I have always loved Dance and Yoga and all forms of physical exercise and thought I was embodied. However, I found out a lot more about the deeper, inner, wisdom of my body.

I have been a Certified TRE Provider since 2019. I have enjoyed supporting others to find their release. I stay curious and open to how all bodies release differently and it is a privilege to support people through their process.

My background is in Social Work and working with children with disabilities, particularly autism. I work closely with children and adults with autism. I live in Findhorn and follow a spiritual path. My homeland is Tasmania and I am very proud to be a Tasmanian! I have lived in Scotland for 18 years now and I love Scotland also.