TRE® Research

Although there is a lot of anecdotal evidence regarding TRE, and many pilot clinical outcome studies are in progress and have verified its efficacy around the globe, larger controlled quantitative and qualitative studies are needed. 

David Berceli’s latest book ‘Shake it off Naturally’  is the combined writings of 24 authors representing 12 countries and 3 languages.  It takes the reader through the theoretical understanding of this shaking mechanism from neurological and physiological perspectives.  The anecdotal stories show its application with self, family, community and organizations as well as, active duty and veteran military personnel, first responders, refugee populations, and natural disaster survivors.   One of the authors is a Brazilian medical doctor who has taught 1000’s of people to shake and as a result of his work TRE is now being used in the Brazilian Public Health Service.  

To participate in any ongoing research programs or to begin your own, please contact TRE Scotland.