Global Certification Training

Becoming a Certified TRE® Provider with
TRE® Scotland

TRE Scotland’s team offer a training programme to become a  Certified TRE® Provider and teach individuals and groups.  If you are already a therapist or healer this is a great additional therapeutic tool.  However, anyone can become a Provider and teach this as a self-help tool.

As Vicki and the Team spread TRE® throughout Scotland (and North of England) there is a growing need for more Certified Providers.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified TRE® Provider then you need to complete the TRE®  Certification Programme.  The first step is to choose your location/trainers for your two lots of 3-day Trainings (Module 1 & 2) or three lots of 2-day (M1, M2 &  M3) – we offer Trainings in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Findhorn and Online. 

The Supervision part can be in person, via Zoom and uploading videos).    The details of the Scottish requirements are here

The dates of our next module trainings in are here.

 If you are a large group of people or an organisation we can organise to come to you to do the 3-day or 2-day in person or Online trainings and Supervision with your friends or within your organisation for your team to use with your client base.  

If you want to ask any questions about attending organising a training do contact TRE® Scotland.

Please also read the Introduction Letter to Trainees from Dr. David Berceli