Mags Smith, Glasgow

I started shaking with TRE in 2017 when I was experiencing a period of depression. I’d had a lot of support from talk therapies and was now looking for something that would also work with my body.

I was intrigued when I found TRE and I had a significant lift in my mood over time – but one of the biggest benefit I have received is getting to know and understand my nervous system  better – I am able to check in with my body more easily and make informed choices about what I need – movement or stillness, rest or play, grounding or daydreaming and creativity. 

My core work of 22years is Community Music. As a community musician I “hold” workshops for groups of people in prisons, hospitals and in the general community. When playing music I have found TRE beneficial in shaking out muscular/ fascia tension of standing in one position or having to hold mallets for periods of time. Since learning TRE I’m able to connect more with my body in the moment and relax unnecessary tension in my shoulders or back when playing and use my breathe to and body sensation to ground in the moment to stay present for performance. 

The whole concept of teaching shaking as a job makes me giggle (giggling is also a form of TRE shaking initself!). I love that I get to teach people how to shake again! I currently offer group workshops in person at Finns Place in Glasgow and individual sessions at my home. I hope in the future to combine TRE with my music and bring a wee bit more joy in the world.