Certification Requirements


Outlined below are the certification requirements to become a Globally Certified TRE® Provider to practise worldwide. You do your Module 1, 2 and 3 two-day workshops or M1, 2 three-day workshops with TRE Scotland, UK.


Three 2-day or two 3-day modules of TRE® theory and shaking/teaching practice and 12 one-to-one Supervision sessions.

  • Modules are two or three days each – usually 3-6 months apart
  • Enrolment to TREforall® in the Certification Enrolment Website ($35 enrolment fee)

  • Four (4) personal sessions (doing TRE® yourself) being mentored by your Certification Trainer (CT), in person, recorded and/or Zoom.
  • Journaling of personal TRE® experiences (See details below)
  • Required reading, DVD viewing and submitting of a short written report on each.
  • Four (4) sessions teaching an individual TRE® with the CT observing and giving feedback, in person, recorded and/or Skype.
  • One (1) Case study of of teaching an individual at least three (3) times
  • Attend at least eight (8) Trainee support group sessions with CT/Mentor 
  • Competency assessment session to confirm if ready to start teaching groups
  • Four (4) peer swap sessions (See details below)
  • Three (3) sessions teaching TRE® to a group with the CT observing and giving feedback, in person, recorded and/or Skype.
  • One (1) final evaluation session teaching TRE® to a group to determine full competency for certification.


  • At any point in the certification process the CT may require additional sessions to ensure the required competency is gained.
  • After M1 you need to sign up within 2 weeks of finishing.  If you sign up later, you may have to repeat M1 at half price.


  • The cost of 2-day Module 1 is £245 or early bird £225. The 3-day is £345 or early bird £325. This is a separate payment from rest of Certification.
  • The two-day Module 2 is £245 and Module 3 is £245 or three-day M2 is £345. 
  • Supervision sessions are £1640.   This would be three one-off payments  – £660 after M1, £490 before M2 and finally £490 before M3. Total £2130.  The total, including M1, is £2355.

  • Or there is an instalment plan option available upon application where the Supervision sessions total is £1720, four monthly payments of £180, (personal supervision) then £100 for ten months when move on to next sections; by direct debit and £245 for Module 2 and £245 for M3; for a total of £2210 (including M1 fee total is £2435).

  • Cancellation.  For Module 1, if you cancel before paying the final payment you will lose the deposit only.  If you cancel after paying the full fee (which is due 2 weeks before) there is no refund.  For Certification, the first payment you have 4 days from receipt of payment and later instalments you have 48 hours to change your mind and have that amount refunded; then the fees are no longer refundable.  Fees that have not yet been paid do not need to be paid.


  • Usually the program will take around 12 months from module 1, but it may be shorter or longer depending on the trainee.
  • The maximum length of the certification training program is fixed at one year from Module 2.
  • An extension is only allowed in discussion and agreement with the trainee and CT
  • When a trainee pauses on their supervision they are required to complete a personal shaking journal and submit regularly to their CT
  • When choosing a certification training it is required that you attend both the module 1 and 2 training dates with the same Trainer/country. (Any necessary exceptions to this must be handled by CT who is working with the trainee.)  This means you are no longer able to choose to do module 1 and module 2 in different locations with different trainers.


Module One (1) is a face-to-face, 3-day training, done in a group setting, which will include:

  • Anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE®
  • Understanding the tremor response
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal theory
  • Defence reactions as they relate to TRE®
  • Containment and grounding strategies
  • Introduction to basic skills of working with individuals and groups
  • Introduction to TRE and personal tremoring experience

Below, is the general order in which the programme will be presented.  However, the CT might make changes to the specific requirements and schedule depending on a variety of factors. It is the CTs responsibility to provide information about changes to their trainees.   

Where supervision sessions are indicated, it is important that learning from that one teaching experience be processed with the CT prior to the trainee proceeding to the next supervised session.  

Between modules 1 and 2 all trainees will focus on: 

  • Enrolment in the Certification Enrolment Website
  • Completion of the Learning Plan
  • Personal TRE® process which will include:
  • Four (4) personal TRE® sessions being accompanied by the Certification Trainer to support consistent TRE® practice, self-regulation skills and awareness “
  • (This will be completed before the end of the certification training process.)
  • Journaling and/or logging of at least forty (40) personal TRE® experiences”
  • (This will be completed before the end of the certification training process.)
  • Learning the TRE® Template and practice -teaching of TRE®:
  • The Certification Trainer will determine if adequate TRE® personal practice has been accomplished to move forward with practice-teaching.
  • Begin practice-teaching sessions with close friends and family. The Certification Trainer will determine how many practice-teaching session and who will be taught in those sessions
  • Document and record your self- reflections of the practice-teaching experience utilizing a reflection guideline that will be provided
  • Deepen knowledge and theory of TRE®:
  • Read required books, view required DVDs, and prepare a short report:
  • Both of Dr. Berceli’s books and both DVD’s
  • The book – Full Body Presence
  • 3 books from the recommended reading list
  • Modification DVDs (there are 2, both downloadable)

Module Two (2) is a face-to-face, 3-day training, done in a group setting, which will include:

  • Deepening of module 1 content
  • Debrief of practice-teaching experiences
  • Review of the Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE® paper
  • Role of fascia in TRE®
  • TRE® basic interventions (touch and non-touch energy expanding interventions)
  • TRE® modifications
  • Understanding “use of self” when teaching the TRE® process
  • Working within your scope of practice, knowledge, and competency
  • Ethical awareness

Following module 2 and prior to final certification the trainee will:

  • Teach TRE® four (4) to individuals and receive feedback from a Certification Trainer
  • One (1) competency evaluation session to assess:
  • Ability to teach the TRE® Template to an individual
  • Knowledge of the Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE® paper
  • Four (4) peer swap sessions
  • You will be observed shaking by a peer 4 times PLUS you will observe a peer shaking 4 times.

– Submit short review of these sessions

  • Tremor with a group at least three (3) and Assist with a group three (3) times and journal the experience. This can be accomplished in either of two ways:
  • Join an already established TRE® group in your area, OR
  • Teach three (3) or four (4) of your friends TR®E. (always do this with those without a trauma history.)  You can go through the process with them AND then tremor with them. Journal this experience paying attention to how doing TRE® alone differs from doing it within a group
  • Teach TRE® to four (4) groups of people and receive feedback from a Certification Trainer
  • The size and the make-up of the group will be determined by you and the Certification Trainer
  • The 4th group session will be a competency evaluation session to assess group work skills
  • One (1) “floating session” is built in for use to provide time for any other program content and/or needed practice under supervision.

TRE, LLC recommends that when possible a selection of the above supervision requirements take place in a group setting.  The CT will determine how much of this takes part in a group settings and/or individual sessions.

The above can be completed via Skype where the CT determines this is necessary and adequate.


This person will usually be the one teaching the module 1 training where you will begin your certification process.  This person will be responsible for providing all your training and supervision and/or overseeing and monitoring this process for you.  A TRE® Certification Trainer Trainee or a TRE® Mentor may be used in your certification training process.

The Primary Certification Trainer has the responsibility to:

  • Ensure the trainee is competent at the point of certification; to this end, the trainee may be required to have additional sessions and/or fulfil additional requirements to meet certification competenc