Sophie Le Tollec

Sophie Le Tollec, Edinburgh

I started my holistic journey in 2001 with massage and Reiki. I have been a Holistic Therapist since 2003, doing physical and emotional therapies.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to discover TRE. I wanted to help my clients more and help them reach where I could not go, deeper in the muscles, deeper in the emotions and release with grace and ease if they could. TRE being a self tool, I want to empower clients to heal themselves without having to rely constantly on a therapist.

I was also in urgent need of a “magic tool” for myself. My body started to suffer from repetitive movements while giving massages, my shoulders starting to click, tennis elbow and sore wrist and lower back pain at the end of long days. My mental health needed some support too, listening to other people going through abuse, grief, sickness etc. By using TRE on a daily basis, I have removed all physical pain. As soon as I feel a physical tension, I shake it off. TRE has become my “magic wand”.

I teach TRE to individuals and groups. I help clients that need to heal their physical and emotional issues. TRE has been a successful tool for clients having issues with insomnia, anxiety, grief, stress in general, lack of confidence, depression.