Your head weighs about 5kg

From 12 years of doing my own TRE (natural body releasing) and teaching others I know that our body will release the tension and reduce the stretch in the trapezius and contraction and rigidity of the sternum/throat. It’s one of the most common blockages that the body wants to release – the foetal curl contraction. Your body can heal itself so learning TRE will start you on this journey.

Your head weighs about 5kg
The neck supports the weight of the head which, according to the angle of the inclination, increases. The more we look down, the more our heads weigh. According to the cervical segment that takes weight and stress, the head weight fluctuates to less than 5kg, but if you lean forward it weighs more and more. When bent at 60 degrees, it charges 22-27 kg on lower cervical vertebrae and down the chest. Indeed, the entire spine.

What’s more, the support plethora of soft tissues, fascias, muscles, ligaments and tendons becomes tense and tired, which increases tension on joints and discs. If not now, then down the track, this will have an impact on the neck as it gets stiffer and the likelihood of creating problems elsewhere.

Take care of yourself using smartphones. We are totally absorbed by what is happening and we don’t check our physical position and what this little device can do to us with time. Source: health traditions. 
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Source: health traditions