What’s a Shiver, What’s a Shake?

What does our body do if we are cold, even when we have layers of warm clothing? Our body shivers. This will help us survive the cold.

What does our body do if we are stressed?
Our body shakes and tremors.
This will help us survive challenging times.
But does this happen in our 20th century lives and why not?


In our current society we have moved away from trusting and allowing our body to do the natural healing releasing. We suppress the ‘shake’ and this leads to the tense, rigid, pained bodies of most people. And in worse case scenarios conditions like arthritis or raynaud’s disease.

In our natural model of health, these conditions are due to our nervous system being overloaded and going into shutdown. And shutdown is also known as FREEZE. And if our arms, legs, hands, feet and nose shutdown they get very cold and rigid. It is a natural survival strategy we sacrifice our extremities to keep our organs and brain alive . However, it should only be for emergencies for short periods. But lots of people are living in rigid jaw, tense muscles, hard face, not breathing and cold body parts. And eventually this may lead to worse conditions.

Do you feel like the oppossum when it’s ‘playing dead’? Are you in functioning freeze? All mammals use freeze to survive and not feel pain. The problem for humans living in partial freeze is it’s not a healthy or a happy state. To learn more about the neuroscience of stress and our how our nervous system works, come to a workshop. And learn now to use TRE to come out of the freeze and no longer have cold hands and feet and have a healthy future!