David Berceli and Vicki Cook

Certification Trainer Trainee & TRE PRovider

It was because of David Bercelli’s fabulous work with TRE that I finally released deep stress and tension and now I live in a harmonious state in my head mind and body mind. I wish I had found TRE many, many years ago.  I have been using TRE and shaking regularly since November 2011.

My TRE work is about supporting anybody who is stressed, ‘tired all the time’, anxious and other symptoms like PTSD to recover naturally using TRE. My niche area is to support people to recover from CFS, ME, ADHD, autism, and fibromyalgia symptoms.  I work one-to-one, hold regular in-person and Online Zoom Groups and Workshops.  I am also happy to travel if you wish to organise a Group or workshop in your workplace or where you live.   I am a Certification Trainer Trainee and since 2015 have been enjoying training Trainees to become Certified TRE Providers.

I had a traumatic birth and nearly died followed by a dysfunctional childhood and as a result of this constant ‘soft’ trauma lived in the stress response for so much time that my body and mind became frozen in permanent tension and I suffered from many symptoms over the years. This was eventually labelled as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and after being a Head of Department Teacher in a High School (even more stress!) I eventually became bed-bound. Over the years to recover from this state I did many therapies and trained as a Life Coach, Yoga Therapist, Reiki II Practitioner, NLP, Hypnotherapy, NVC, Byron Katie’s’ ‘The Work’, Spiritual Coaching, Continuum, Embodiment circles, Liz Koch’s Psoas work and other areas of therapy. I recovered but it took a long time.  Start using TRE now so you can recover your energy more quickly.

I am an Embodiment, and since 2005 have enjoyed supporting people in their journey to health and happiness.  My Coaching background has given me the essential skills and experience to support people in person or via Zoom/Skype. With my TRE colleagues we are committed to taking TRE out into Scotland and supporting people to use this revolutionary method to release tension and trauma.