Uses of TRE®

“Our 10-year-old son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at age 3. We have faced many challenges over the years. Including food sensitivity, touch sensitivity, sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, emotional outbursts, issues with concentration and focus plus sleep irregularities among others.

We have been doing TRE® together for over 2 months and have seen a vast difference in his behavior and demeanor. His nervous system is slowly becoming more regulated.
He is calmer, he connects with his emotions easier, he can express himself better, becoming less anxious, he has learned ways to self-regulate, his concentration has been better and so too has his ability to stay focussed for longer, his sleep has improved and when he does become overwhelmed, it has become easier to rebound from it.

Working with both our 10-year-old and 7-year-old sons in addition to my differently-abled husband has taught me so much about not only their trauma and trauma responses but mine too. It has not only been beneficial for them but for me as a TRE® Practitioner in identifying my triggers, my ability to connect and stay grounded, to follow the human body intuitively, and to honor its magnificence and wisdom.

We have become a family who practices TRE® and we have experienced the benefits of regulating our nervous systems, either on our own (self-regulation) or with one another (co-regulation).
With all the stress we face in life, having this tool added to our toolbox has helped our home become a place of calm amidst the playful chaos.
In this video, our son Abdul-Jabbar is tremoring. He is happily shaking it off and letting it go!!!”

By Caashifa Adams