TRE® with families in large groups in a public park in Brazil

TRE with families in large groups in a public park in Brazil

Amazing video Brazilian TV reports on TRE® in the Public Park.  

Finally the TRE I have envisioned for years is happening – and Brazil is the forerunner of this dream – free, family oriented, safe and effective group TRE process that empowers people to do TRE with large populations so they can take it home and use it safely and effectively within their families. “TRE com famílias em grandes grupos em um parque público no Brasil” Fabricio Guimarães sent me an e-mail of how “TRE in the PARKS” is progressing in Brazil. He said: “Last saturday we did the 1st TRE in Parks at Luziânia, a city near Brasilia, the capital of our Brazil. Now the TRE in Parks began to expand to other states of Brazil after being created by dear Raquel Flores, Cristina Flores and Paulo Henrique in the Federal District. We had the usual supervision and support of our master and friend Mariano Pedroza. We are sharing some photos with you of the event, which had 103 people getting to know and benefiting for free from TRE.”

David Berceli