TRE® Improves Restless Leg (RLS) Symptoms

New research shows TRE® is associated with improvements in Restless Leg symptoms.

Symptom Management for Restless Leg Syndrome

By Sharon M. O’Brien, MPAS, PA-C from The Clinical Advisor

New evidence points to possible improvement of symptoms with certain exercises. According to a randomized control trial, tension and trauma release exercises were associated with improvement in RLS symptoms.2 In addition, as medications for RLS can result in augmentation, or worsening, of RSL symptoms, nonpharmacologic interventions may be a beneficial treatment option.² Tension and trauma release exercises activate natural reflex mechanisms that release muscular tension. These shaking and vibrating exercises encourage the body to relieve tension and return the body to homeostasis.²,³ During the same study, the control group comprised patients who participated in group discussion with other patients with RLS.2 Reduction in RLS symptom severity and improvement in sleep quality were noted in patients participating in both the exercise and discussion groups.

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Full research finding here: Novel Exercises for Restless Legs Syndrome: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Source: The Clinical Advisor