TRE® as a portal to Compassion

To experience and express compassion requires that we turn off our defenses in the autonomic nervous system.The 10th cranial nerve – the ventral vagus – our mammalian face and heart connector, is the newest component in our evolutionary adaptive journey to be coming pro social cooperative beings. When we are in our ventral vagal we feel safe and can communicate our willingness to be close, to understand each other without judgment.
TRE is a perfect example of a method where we trigger a release of the physiological fight flight and dissociative defensive states simply through the tremor mechanism. We let go of the high physiological charge of defence in a way which feels safe, is contained and can actually be pleasurable and fun.
As we become more in our ventral vagus we feel safe and our tend and befriend mode is switched on – this is when we can access higher states of consciousness and experience compassion.