TRE® and the Magic Psoas Muscle

In TRE the psoas is where we initiate the tremors in people’s first experience of connecting to their instinctual ability to tremor and release stress and tension. The muscle runs from the T12 and L1 vertebrae on the spine down through the pelvis and across the ball and socket of the hip to the top of the femur. It is a large muscle – size of a fist and deep in the interior of the pelvis under the abdominal and leg muscles and organs. It is the ‘fight or flight’ muscle and so is the muscle that contracts the most when we are stressed. As a result if this muscle is tired and dry it does not function properly and leads to all sorts of secondary health problems like sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, menstrual cramps and prostrate issues etc. So when we allow our body’s natural tremors and they come into the psoas it releases and rehydrates and regenerates. It then allows other symptoms to heal and the body and mind to return to homeostasis.