TRE® and stress related conditions

TRE® can be a wonderful component as part of a recovery programme where chronic stress affects the condition e.g in ME/CFS,Fibromyalgia,Type 2 diabetes, because the tremors help restore and rebalance base line stress levels back to a healthy level When a person is stressed or under extreme pressure our neurology and physiology respond by taking us into our Fight, Flight, Freeze responses which create huge changes in the level of stress hormones and blood sugar levels. It is left to the body after such a response to restore homeostasis but if a person is constantly stressed and doesn’t allow the body to normalise and calm after a stress response they are subjecting their body to a constant internal battle between the fight or flight, freeze response and homeostasis. TRE® will help get to the root of the problem by adressing the underlying issue of a chronically dysregulated stress response. When tremoring with a stress related condition it is recommended to work with a certified provider who can guide you best on how to practice TRE® – usually with these conditions we are starting with just a very short tremoring time and lots of self regulation/integration time during and after shakes.