TRE and ‘flipping your lid’

Hand model of The Brain

TRE is not just about releasing tension and pain from our physical body – though that is pretty amazing on its own. Another benefit of using this self-help somatic tool is it re-connects and/or strengthens the connection between our cortex and our limbic brain and brain stem. TRE retrains our nervous system to stay connected with our thinking brain when we get stressed. And we are all more and more stressed with cost of living rises etc. A wonderful way to learn more about this is using the ‘flip your lid’ imagery below.

Brian Flip

What does TRE do? What doesn't TRE do!

When we practise our shaking and include self regulating practice too – pausing, resting, slowing down, self dialogue and grounding – we support our cortex to stay connected whatever stressful situations we may be experiencing. (Obviously in a real emergency we let it flip so we survive using fight, flight and freeze responses.) To learn more about the theory of trauma and self regulation (and do lots of shaking) come and join us for a TRE workshop.

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