Too fidgety to meditate? Try TRE® the new tension-release technique. Times article

Great article in the Times newspaper about TRE® Provider Steve Haines teaching Times Journalist Bridget Harrison TRE®.  The article explains how for people who find the stillness of meditation to difficult to achieve then TRE® is the new go to method of releasing stress, tension and trauma trapped in the body.

TRE® is really trending now in the UK and around the world. Why now give it a go for yourself.  Contact TRE® Scotland and find more.

Excerpt from the Times article:

The lastest relaxation technique is perfect for people whoc can’t sit still.

If you have no patience for mindfulness and you’re too fidgety to meditate, a ne approach to tackling stress has just reached the UK’s most fashionable yoga mats – and it might be for you. TRE®, short for tension and trauma releasing exercises, is a series of movements that encourage your muscles to shake, with the idea that this will help to release the tightness in your body that is caused by stress.

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Source: The Times