The power of TRE® in the ER

power of tre1

“For those who question the power of TRE I was in the ER Friday night due to severe burns (2nd and 3rd degree) when my body wanted to shake from pain, I let it TRE instead.  (note: shaking from pain is TRE ie the body’s natural healing mechanism – Vicki TRE Trainer)

When I refused meds the doctors/nurses were very confused. To the point of questioning my refusal. They also were persistent saying I needed to take something.

Later I was sent to the hospital to be watched and evaluated. I stayed the night but was released the next day “due to pain management” .. And my amazing wife’s care taking.

This is not a bash on pain meds! Take them if you need them. Just know there are options. TRE washed my pain away instantly.

Also give credit where credit is due. There were lots of prayers being sent at this time. I thank God it wasn’t worse than it is and for showing me TRE before this happened also.” CD

power of tre2

Source: CD