Shake it Off: Stress-Proof Your Brain


Great article on TRE® with Steve Haines, TRE® College and Kate Johnston, writer with Euronews . Kate writes about her TRE® experience.

How to alleviate anxiety disorders?
More than 60 million people across the EU are affected by anxiety disorders every year. The pressure of modern life is constantly putting our bodies into a defensive mode of “fight-or-flight”, according to Haines. This causes a numbing of physical reality and locks us into our stress responses unwittingly, trapping us in protective patterns – often accompanied by tense muscles and jaw, shallow breathing or racing heart.

“Living with life-or-death responses being triggered by everyday events is exhausting. If we can switch of the threat detector inside us, such that we are not in stress mode all the time, every system in the body will work better,” Haines explains. “We have less unnecessary muscle tension and pain, as we are not braced against life. We can feel safe and think more clearly.”

Ultimately, with skill, practice and the right context, TRE helps to reset the primitive parts of the brain and allows it to work from the present moment. The result is more creativity, better sleep, improved mood and even better digestion of our food, as most food intolerances can be traced back to over-active stress responses.

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By Writer: Kate Johnson

Source: Euronews