REPORT of the Neurogenic Tremors Training (TRE) for Stress and PTSD: A Controlled Clinical Trial (VA Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona)

Congratulations to Dr David Berceli. The REPORT of the Neurogenic Tremors Training (TRE) for Stress and PTSD: A Controlled Clinical Trial (VA Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona) is here.   We are so pleased that the research into TRE is growing and we have a full Clinical Trial showing how effective it is.  

Accession Number: AD1094553

Title: Neurogenic Tremors Training (TRE) for Stress and PTSD: A Controlled Clinical TrialDescriptive

Note: Technical Report,01 May 2015,30 Apr 2018

Corporate Author: Carl T. Hayden Medical Research Foundation Phoenix United States

Personal Author(s): Kent,Martha

Report Date: 2018-07-01

Pagination or Media Count: 26.0

This controlled clinical trial tests the efficacy of a tension and trauma release exercise TRE for reducing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD. Three treatment conditions compared TRE, Placebo, and Wait list control, with 40 participants in each group for a total of 120 subjects. Included are pre-testing followed by randomization to treatment conditions, intervention training, and post-testing. Sustainability is evaluated with follow-up tests at 3 and 6 months. Participants meet twice weekly for four weeks. Study goals and study achievements to date include 1 establishing and implementing main procedures to do this study, 2 staffing of study, 3 training of staff 4 creating and maintaining data base for consenting, outcome measures, and monitoring measures, and follow-up testing at 3 and 6 months 5 recruiting subjects, 6 intervention training of subjects 7 pre- and post-testing follow-up testing. Modifications have included screening for physical fitness of subjects as an inclusion criterion, sustained motivation and effort monitoring at all test phases to assure uniform motivation and effort. Recruitment and retention are under fragile control, as recruitment is rather restrictive .

Descriptors: intervention traumatic stress disorder clinical trials trauma tension tremors military personnel therapy human behavior physical fitness signs and symptoms monitoring training motivation

Subject Categories: Psychology


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