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Anne Williams TRE® Provider

Article by Chris Green writing for Rapp News on how Anne Williams, TRE® Provider uses TRE®, the classes she runs and the difference it has made in her life.

When Anne Williams isn’t busy healing people with her physical therapy techniques (myself included), modalities, exercise or dance at Mountainside, she is searching for new ways to help improve herself and others. Recently Anne has been spending her spare moments learning, practicing, and sharing tension and trauma releasing exercise. Anne has been working on the human body with manual therapy techniques for more than twenty five years and she says “though I work with the body, I know that the mind and the central nervous system always play a huge role in health, or injury and illness.”

When Anne was introduced to the concepts of TRE®, which was developed by Dr. David Berceli, a social worker and body worker, she became intrigued by the idea that this modality that allows us to self activate a reflexive system in our bodies can help our nervous system establish a more homeostatic state, and helps our physical bodies release our built in protective muscular patterns.

So she began to study this technique, and found it to be an effective and helpful technique that anyone can learn, practice individually and benefit from. Anne notes that it has helped her with pain, difficulties falling asleep, and coping with everyday stress, as well as some of the more intense and traumatic events that she has experienced in her personal life since she began studying TRE® with Maria Alfaro, her instructor. She has recently completed her certification as a Tension and Trauma Release instructor, and is very excited to now be able to offer classes here in her Mountainside Physical Therapy clinic in Rappahannock and in her Lakeside Manual Physical Therapy clinic in Unionville.

Dr. Berceli, Anne relates, developed this technique more than two decades ago, and has been sharing it with people in more than twenty countries but it was not until 9/11 that it started to be integrated into the U.S. Our military system is currently studying its effectiveness with our veterans.

These simple exercises allow us to activate a trembling or tremoring response in our physical bodies that helps release stored tension or trauma. “As we continue to study and learn about pain, especially chronic pain, we are becoming more aware that pain is a ‘perceived threat,’ and that perception can be changed, many years after the threat was established,” says Anne.

This becomes ever more important as we are exposed, sometimes bombarded with stressors in our current lifestyles, and now that the dangers of medications and drugs are being exposed more than ever. A natural remedy like TRE® is truly a remarkable discovery that can make a difference in your life.

Miranda Hope, who many know in the county, is a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor, and is affiliated with the Warriors at Ease and Prison Yoga Project. She relates, “We are fortunate to have Anne Williams in our county for all of the healing gifts that she brings. I took one TRE® class with her. I had never done anything or felt anything like it! Just yesterday, I spoke with two other people and we all agreed that we experienced striking and powerful physical, mental, and emotional benefits from just one of Anne’s TRE® classes.”

Anne is anxious to share this modality now. TRE® can be taught individually or in groups. As part of her kick off she has offered to provide a free session to Rappahannock’s first responders. She says the cost for learning TRE® exercise is $25 per student for a group session, however, “if you are not able to afford the cost please contact us as we don’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to learn this life enhancing technique.”

Source: Rapp News