Fascia the hidden anatomical network

Great Video Presentation @ the Life 360 Health and Wellness Summit 2018 by Dana Sterling Founder of Sterling Structural Therapy

We think Ida Rolf and many other Fascia practitioners, have been doing BRILLIANT work for years!!! This presentation aims to educate the many people who have yet to “hear about Fascia” and to bring to light the new (roughly 10 years old) clinical laboratory research which is finally being done. Our hope is that Fascia will finally be more recognized by Allopathic medicine and added to standards of diagnostics and treatment. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: • Fascia the hidden anatomical network • Chronic pain might not be just a musculoskeletal issue • WHEN to postpone surgery.  And remember TRE enables your body to release your fascia and heal pain and bring back flexibility.