David talks about the necessity of TRE® practice

David bercel tre is wser than we are

David talks about the necessity of TRE practice (1 of 4)

I speak about 2 issues in this video. 1. The tremor mechanism is a movement of the tissue 2. Our personal tremor experience creates a better TRE Provider & Trainer, not education or knowledge.

David Berceli

Inner Peace (2 of 4)

I believe the tremor mechanism moves the organism to its natural state of inner peace.

David Berceli

The Human Organism (3 of 4)

The human organism knows more than our ego. Just be present to the human organism. It knows what it is doing.

David Berceli

The tissue is smarter than we are. (4 of 4)

The tissue knows more than psychology, neurology, physiology and energy movement.

David Berceli