Karolina Niemierko Scottish Team

Karolina Niemierko, Edinburgh

My journey with TRE started back in 2015 in Poland, during the most challenging time in my life, when I was struggling with chronic stress and trauma, due to a terminal cancer of my family member. My first TRE session was very powerful and allowed me to access a deep rest state despite very challenging circumstances. In 2016 I continued my TRE journey now living in Edinburgh and in 2023 I Certified as a TRE Provider.

I am deeply passionate about this body-therapy modality and it’s healing and transformative potential. I feel very privileged to witness and support others on their healing journey, whether working with groups or individuals. TRE is the most natural tool to reconnect us with our body, to support us to self regulate during challenging times, bring more resilience, freedom and JOY. I offer my assistance in Polish and English. My educational background includes philosophy, early education and childcare.