2-Day Online Workshops (M1)
in 2022



Throughout 2022

9.30 to 5.30pm (with one and half hour lunch!)


On Zoom – your link will be sent after payment prior to the weekend


The module is £200 early bird (ends month before start) or £225 full price and to book with deposit of £70*, email vicki@trescotland.com

This Module 1 is OPEN TO ALL (unless you have a serious mental or physical health condition) and may attended by anyone wishing to learn TRE® for Personal Use.  As we are online you need to have learned TRE® to attend.  You can learn via the Official Video here.  or a session with a Certified Provider (contact Vicki@trescotland.com)  

The training will in English with the TRE® Scotland team. Training is limited to 10 participants.

Our Trainees/Providers say:

“I highly recommend T.R.E. workshops with TRE Scotland. I’ve learned so much in Module 1 and Module 2, it was way beyond my expectations- an extraordinary experience!  T.R.E. is a life changing adventure to me and the course was a natural next step. It is very well structured, allows the person to learn gradually, in the process. It is practical and fun. I’ve connected with so many amazing people and most importantly, gained the tools and resources to connect deeper with myself and improve quality of my life on every level. Thank you!”

“I went all the way to Scotland cause I felt Vicki was a special trainer. She’s supportive, attentive and adapts to the very individual specificities of each trainee and their experience of the practice while making them feeling part of a community.”

Module 1 includes:

Introduction to TRE® – Tremors – Neurology and Physiology of Trauma and Stress – Survival Responses – Containment and Self Regulation – Four TRE® Sessions.

Online Module 2 and Module 3 are private and only for those doing the TRE® Certification Provider training.

Module 2 is 2nd, 16th October 2022 

M3 is 15th, 22nd Jan  2023

In between M1 and M2 and M2 and M3 there are study and practice requirements done under supervision with your Mentor. Mentors Here

Information and to book email vicki@trescotland.com