Online Certification Requirements

Online 2-Day Certification Requirements

ATTEND THREE 2 DAY ONLINE WORKSHOPS: Trainee must attend three TRE® training workshops: Online Module 1 (2 days) and Online Module 2 (2 days), Online Module 3 (2 days).  TRE® for All, Inc requires regular TRE® practice and supervision before attending Module 2 (there are also pre-requisites before Module 3).

You have 2 weeks after Module 1 to sign up for Certification.  If you sign up later you may need to repeat Module 1 at half price.  After Module 1 you will be required to form a relationship with a TRE® Mentor and make a plan for your Certification.


M1 is £225 early bird month before start date (£245) and M2 & M3 are £245 each.  Supervision in 3 one-off payments is £1640 and in 14 monthly instalments is £1720.  Total cost of 3 Modules and Supervision is £2,355.  And then any books and attending shaking groups are additional costs.  (Borrowing books from peers or libraries is recommended!)  

40 HOURS OF JOUNALING TRE® PRACTICE: Trainee develop a regular shaking practise and keep a Journal. On completing the 40 shake journal there is a shorter ‘keep in touch’ journal submitted monthly. You will develop a learning plan with your TRE® Mentor.

4 PERSONAL 1 TO 1 TRE® SESSIONS: Learning about your own response to doing TRE® in 1 to 1 sessions. The trainee needs to participate in a minimum of 4 personal sessions with a supervisor. Extra sessions may be recommended by your TRE® Mentor. At least 2 of these sessions will be completed prior to M2.  Complete a Case study where you take one individual for at least 3 consecutive sessions.  To be completed prior to M3.

ATTEND TRAINEE SUPPORT GROUP: Attend at least 1 group session before M2.

4 SUPERVISION SESSIONS ON TEACHING INDIVIDUALS: Learning how to teach TRE® to individuals. You will practise teaching individuals and prepare a short reflection report before M3. And you will need to teach and video working with 4 new individual clients in single sessions. Extra sessions maybe recommended by your TRE® Mentor.  And a Case Study of at least 3 sessions teaching one person.

4 SUPERVISION SESSIONS ON TEACHING GROUPS: Learning how to teach TRE® to small groups. After Module 3 you will be supervised through the process of teaching TRE® to small groups of between 3 to 6 people. You need to teach and record a minimum of 4 groups and get supervision on each group. Extra sessions maybe recommended by your TRE® Mentor.

READ AND WATCH: The trainee needs to read the required literature and watch DVDs. You will be asked to write short reflections of your understanding.

FINAL CERTIFICATION SESSION: The trainee must complete a final Certification session. This is with your Primary Certification Trainer not your TRE® Mentor.

The Certification process, from the start of Module 1 to Final Certification, will take typically take 12 to 24 months. The learning process is self-directed and needs significant organisation and motivation on the part of the TRE® Trainee. Your relationship with your TRE® Mentor is key. 

Please note, the requirements above are the minimum. Prior to Module 2 we will ask you to agree a learning plan with your TRE® Mentor. Please note if you have not completed the TRE® Journal requirements and the minimum 3 personal one to one TRE® sessions we are likely to recommend you join a later Module 2. The personal process work is significant and needs to be fully engaged with before moving to teaching to other individuals.

For people without an existing qualification as a therapist or trainer then the supervision requirement will almost certainly be greater to make sure you have the skills to support people to safely learn TRE®.

Supervision is an ongoing negotiation depending on your existing skills, your study progress and time taken to complete each stage. It is not unusual for more supervision sessions that outlined above to be required as part of your learning plan. The completion of the above minimum requirements does not guarantee you will be certified as a Certified TRE® Provider. 

Please note, TRE® events attended prior to Module 1 do not contribute to the Certification process.